"Task is no longer blocked" Rule trigger not firing due to other rule

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I’ve set up a rule to update a custom field on a task when it’s no longer blocked. I’ve tried this trigger on several rules and can’t get it to fire.

I did some testing on my side, and it seems to be that it won’t trigger when another rule marks the task as complete. We have a status field and a rule that when the status is set to “complete” the task is completed. If that task blocks another task, the “task no longer blocked” rule will not trigger.
If I manually complete a task (and don’t use our other rule), the “task no longer blocked” rule will trigger.

Steps to reproduce:
(status is a custom field we use on our projects)

  1. Create a rule to complete a task when the status changes (to “complete”, in my case)
  2. Create a rule to change the status to ready when a task is no longer blocked.
  3. Create task 1 and task 2, make task 2 blocked by task 1.
  4. mark task 1 as completed (via the status field)
  5. Rule will mark task as completed (from step 1)
  6. Rule from step 2 will not run

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Hi @Parker_Short and welcome to the community!

This is not a bug, actually; it’s working as currently designed. See this post for more - and note the link in that post to another post where you can add your vote to change this behavior:

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