Task in specific section marked complete, move to other section (in same project)

I am desperately trying to find a way to execute this: When a task in a specific section of a project is marked complete, it is moved to another section (in the same project), marked incomplete, and (ideally) assigned to a new team member.

We heavily use sections to manage the flow of projects, but team members often struggle with simply moving the task to a different section when their portion of it is completed. The natural inclination is to click “complete”. That is even the nature of how Asana itself is structured. So when a task needs multiple team members’ involvement, it would be ideal to have team member A be able to mark it complete when their “touchpoint” on it is done… and then have that task moved to a new section so team member B can take their action on it.

The price jump from Premium to Business for our small team is far too steep if that’s the only way to accomplish this. I am really hoping someone knows a trick I don’t – or has figured out how to get Zapier/IFTTT/Flowsana to accomplish this!

I think you can achieve what you need with ‘Rules’ but they are limited in what they can do and how many you can have active in a project.

I think the limit is 20 rules per project. So long as you can build the workflow you need with those rules, you will probably be fine.

And if your sections are owned by certain people, you can assign the task to the person. If not, you can clear the previous assignee as per the example shown here. And you would just daisy chain the flow through your sections of where each completed task should be moved to.

Screenshot 2021-08-10 at 14.59.08

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Thank you so much for jumping in to help, @Heisenberg! It’s the first step of that rule (“task marked complete”) that I’m struggling with. It seems to apply to the entire project (meaning any time any task is completed) versus the tasks in a particular section of the project. Or am I missing something?

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There is an option to create a rule by section. You can do this by choosing one condition as “Task added to section”


Then also add the other trigger you need so that the action is only made when both those conditions are satisfied.

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I don’t seem to have that option. If that’s only available on the Business plan (as opposed to Premium), I may be SOL… :pensive:

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Yes, Adam is correct with the method to limit it to sections. If you don’t have the ability to add multiple triggers with Premium then it is definitely a plan limitation.

With the system limitations, I can’t justify the significant price jump to Business. Does anyone have any creative workarounds for this?

Hi @Alece_Ronzino,

We’re in the process of adding the ability to have multiple trigger conditions in Flowsana rules, so that would likely help you at a lower price point than upgrading to Business. But we’re early in it so I don’t want you to hold your breath for it…

I wish I had an alternate suggestion for you but I can’t think of one. :frowning:

@Phil_Seeman - I’ll hopefully catch the news of that feature launching with y’all so I can give it a try!!!

Not possible via IFTTT without some coding and you would need a pro account anyway.

With Asana & Zapier there’s a no code method:

  1. Trigger: task completed
  2. Filter > only continue section contains ‘your section’
  3. Update task > Task Complete > false
  4. Add task to section of project > section ID

Unfortunately, you’d need a paid Zapier account for this as well.

Good luck!

Hi @ Alece_Ronzino - I’m not sure if you still need a workaround or if this is an option on the plan you’re on, but one rule I have in place that is similar:

  • I created a Custom Field with Input/Stages that mask the sections of the project.
  • Instead of having my team mark a task complete, I have instructed them to change the Stage (custom field) of the task to the next in-line. This change triggers the task to move to a new section and changes the assignee of the task without having to mark the task complete or incomplete.

Ooooh this sounds like it could work! I can’t seem to find where to the filter option you mention in step 2. Can you clarify?

Creative workaround, Kristi! Thank you!

I found it! I didn’t even know that filtering was an option buried there as an action option! Thank you for enlightening me!

Glad that worked for you & happy to help!

I recommend reviewing edge cases (I.e., user accidentally completes task) while the process is fresh in your mind. I don’t think there will be many, but it’s better to review now than get interrupted down the road when issues pop up.

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