Task Collaborator Can't See Tasks They're Collaborator On

I’m looking to add external people as collaborators on tasks within a project. I want them to be able to view only the tasks they’re collaborators on, how is this not possible?

I’ve tested this using myEmail+testing@gmail.com, and the ‘user’ gets the notification they’ve been added as a collaborator and can view it from that notification, but that’s it. I’m not seeing a place they can go to see all the tasks they’re collaborating on, vs. having to scroll through their notifications.

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The best way to achieve this would be to create a project for each external member and multihome the tasks that they are collaborators.

To help, you can use the new ‘Collaborators’ feature to enable the field (to appear in the List view) from the ‘Hide’ button along the top.

Obviously, for all tasks that they are assigned, these will show up in their My Tasks, where they can see them altogether.

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In addition to @Richard_Sather’s suggested approach, an even simpler method would be to instruct each guest to create a Starred (saved) search with the Collaborators field set to “me” and then sort the results as desired. This is simpler because it avoids both the creating of a project for each guests, and the need to multi-home, which carries a risk of missing tasks and getting out of sync with possible changes to Collaborators, etc.




Thank you both @lpb and @Richard_Sather , my need doesn’t seem far-fetched as a ‘typical’ request, right? I thought with adding the ability of having external users/collaborators, we’d be able to easily control what they see, vs. having to create duplicative projects or having them have to take steps on their end (a saved/starred search) just to see tasks they created.

Your suggestions are absolutely appreciated, I’m just frustrated with the product itself.




I recommend you vote for these requests:


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