Collaborator Settings for Tasks

Currently to view a task that I am assigned as a collaborator on, I have to search the task to find it in my organization, and also this task doesn’t show up on my calendar or task list.

Is there a way to set that whenever I am added as a collaborator to tasks it automatically shows up in my list and calendar? Or can I go into the task and change something so it shows up in both those places?


Not as far as I know…no. And I think that is the logical answer, as “My Tasks” - List or Calendar - is intended for Tasks that you are literally assigned to do.

For your use case, I would recommend saving an Advanced Search - which thereby becomes a Report - showing all Incomplete Tasks where you are a collaborator. I would periodically go there and add them to the “Luke’s Collaboration” project. You can also “multi-home” Tasks assigned specifically to you in “Luke’s Collaboration”, using a saved Report as above. Then you have all tasks of interest to you - directly assigned and collaborating only - on a single Calendar.

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