Task automation

Hi! My sales team saw what insightly does for task automation. They would like if it was possible to create something that sparks a domino effect of new tasks automatically assigned to certain pre-set time. Like we have a new client, so a task is automatically create for a meeting in a week, a satisfaction call in a month, a thank you for your trust card in six months, etc.

Have a look at Zapier for this :+1:

Asana consultant, author and developer

Is Zapier intergrated with Asana and how much does it cost ?

Zapier does work with Asana, here the pricing page Zapier | The easiest way to automate your work | Zapier

You can now achieve this in Asana directly for example by creating subtasks for every action and assigning a due date: Using Rules in Asana | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide

Or you can also have rules create separate tasks: Using Rules in Asana | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide

Hi Andrea,

Noting greater functionality with task automation and creation of subtasks. This is great.

Can you provide any guidance on setting up rules based off subtask “Due Date is approaching” trigger for subtasks?

When setting up a rule to launch on “tasks and subtasks”, it grays out the option for a rule to be triggered by “Due Date is approaching”.

It appears that even though you can set a due date on a subtask, you use it to trigger a rule.

Is this user error or assumed functionality that has not yet been implemented?