Tags missing

I have created a couple of tags, coloured and added them to favourites, for easy access. However, whenever I want to add new tasks to the tags, by adding a tag on a task, the tag does not show up. If I enter the first few letters (or the complete exact tag name) I get the option to create a new tag, not add them to the existing tag.

Also, when I deleted a tag, the email link to recover a tag does not work, it says " Error, No route found"

Hi @Davincible and so sorry for the trouble there, let’s see if we can work this out together.

Could you share the following to help me identify what’s wrong there?

  1. A screenshot of your favorited tags in your sidebar
  2. A screenshot of what you see when you’re trying to add one these tags to a task

Could you also let me know if you’re able to reproduce with:

  1. An incognito window
  2. Another browser

Looking forward to your reply!

Tested in two, browsers, and in incognito, same results.


Any updates on this ?

Thanks for the follow-up @Davincible, I’m so sorry for the delay in responding I’ve somehow missed your reply in the Forum.

Thanks for the screenshots they’re super useful. Could you please click on your “30 Minutes” tag in favorites, and share the URL?

Also can you confirm wether or not you can reproduce with an incognito and/or with another browser?

Looking forward to your reply!

Was this issue ever resolved? I’m having the problem and would really like to start using tags.

Hi @Stephanie_Laughon,

The issue above is probably user-specific or browser related. I can confirm we don’t have any bugs related to Tags currently. I’m going to close this thread to avoid any confusion, could you please create a new topic in #productfeedback and share more info and screenshots so we can help you with your specific issue? Many thanks!