Tab-B - Additional animal request




I would very much like to see Swedish Vallhund’s when typing Tab-B. I understand the pun, but like Swedish Vallhunds and all of their majesty.

I don’t expect to see the Swedish Vallhund EVERY time I type Tab-B, but some of the time would be great.



I love dogs and think this would be a great idea that fosters equality across Asana.


I am also interested in seeing some diversity to the tab-B movement. I am actually really allergic to cats so the current tab-B result makes me scratchy!


I think that such a feature would allow me to feel more confident in recommending Asana to other companies.


Swedish Valhunds are basically Wolf-Corgis, which represent both sides of the Adorable-Fierce Doggo Spectrum. Their inclusion would help to build bridges between those types of dogs, much like Asana helps to build bridges between departments in our company.


A feature like this would bring so much joy to so many people. Asana, please make the people happy and give us this feature.



#FreeVeronica Doggos for everyone


yes to some doggos