Attention Animal Lovers! Try Tab+V in Asana

Hi there!

I have exciting news for the animal lovers :dog:! We have a new delighter shortcut that displays photos of dogs on your current Asana screen, TAB+V. In the same way that TAB+B displays photos of cats you can now display photos of dogs or both at the same time, whatever you prefer.

Try it out today and let us know what you think in the comments!

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ping @lpb who created the feature first with Asana2Go :slight_smile:


True, @Bastien_Siebman, but of course last year I just copied what Asana did in the first place with kitties for puppies in Asana2Go:

So now you can add cats and two sets of dogs to your Asana window all at once.




I must be missing something. Nothing happens on my Mac…

Same Ryan, nothing happens for me either…

Me either, I wonder if maybe this is a joke

Best update ever! :cat:

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@Ryan_Burke, @Phil_Bowles, @Annette_Fasone1,

In order for Tab-B and Tab-V to work its magic, be sure you have “Extra Delight” turned on in the Hacks tab of your Profile Settings:


Awesome, now it works! Thanks Phil :pray:

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