Tab+B - Additional animal request

I need to share with you that the Tab+B hack makes my day. Every day. Thank you. :grin:

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LOL this is the best feature request :joy:. @Kristen thank you. @Jen same! Tab+B is an amazing feature. I love introducing it with the utmost of seriousness, and watching people’s reactions…

Needs more cats! Haha. Would be great to add more cat pics for variety.

I suggest a K-9 option for dog pics :slight_smile:


This is so good. I work for an animal rights charity… would totally LOVE a different animal every day… or every week… pigs? cows? Everything!

Pourriez-vous rajouter mon chat en photo svp ? ci-joint sa photo

Yes! I just shared the Tab+B with my newly Asana Trained Marketing team. Every single one was like… That’s cute, what about some dogs? Bring on a doggo hack :pray:

Tab+B… give some love to the dogs …

Please, please, please can we have a shortcut for guinea pigs on the screen!?! The shortcut could be GP.

Hello! In my office we absolutely LOVE the Tab+B trick, but some of the dog owners are a little sad that there are no dog tricks. Here is an idea, add a feature that if you hit P and the up arrow at the same time, you can pull up puppies!

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Hey you two, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Thank you so much for sharing this great idea @Jessica_Clarke and for also posting a screenshot of what this could look like @Jay_Blizzard, I was able to find an existing thread on this topic and have gone ahead and merged yours into it! Please feel more than welcome to leave a vote on it :hearts:

P and the up arrow. P+up = Pup!



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We need a dog one!! k9!!!


How about Alpacas for either Tab+B and/or celebrations? Aren’t they the new unicorns? :llama: :llama:

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