Sync MyTasks to Outlook app on Mac

Hi there,
I’ve searched the community forum and Asana guides, and wasn’t able to find a good way to synch my Asana’s MyTasks to my Outlook calendar. I’m on a mac using the Outlook app though I can also log in to Microsoft 365.
On the Asana guide, it says to click on Add calendar. However, this option isn’t available on my Microsoft 365 for some reason. Any idea where I’d need to go?

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You might have to do it from your Outlook account online rather than the Mac OS app. This is just a guess, worth looking though.

Hello @DomiLiard,
I found this option on web version:

Sorry that it is in polish language.

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Hi @DomiLiard, if you still cannot find the option, I recommend you contacting our support team as they will be able to test this and let you know where to find this option. Sorry for the trouble!

Thank you all for your help. I think @Charlie_Pilch’s screenshot helped. I don’t know how I missed this haha.
I’ve now added the calendar to my Outlook via Microsoft 365 rather than the app. Just waiting for the tasks to sync. I’ve 3 tasks due today that are not appearing in my Outlook app yet.