Switching from Boards to List View (and vice versa)

@Bastien_Siebman and @Hendrik, In Android Beta you can now see a Board project as a List or Board, but you cannot see a List project as a Board (yet). This is consistent with the new “model” being the same as the old Board model.

And here the two sections are collapsed, and also shown is the available overflow menu for sections:



Also would appreciate this function. A project was originally created as a board, but would function better as a list. The ability to simply “switch over” would be ideal.

There are techniques to switch from one to another if needed, this is just not instant.

Yes. Obviously.

Would such a technique be to create a new project as list and then manually re-enter all items from the board based view to the list? Cause, that is what I am considering as a remedy.

The method is:

  • create a new empty project with a list layout
  • use an advanced search to search for tasks in the board project
  • multi-select the search results and multi-home tasks into the list project
  • look at the list project, make sure everything looks good
  • multi-select again and remove the board project from the tasks
  • the board project should now be empty

You might want to do this with several steps, one step per column…
Does it make sense?

Bastien!!!, This makes perfect sense. I will give it a spin when I get back to my home office.

/ Ed

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@Bastien_Siebman - how do we do the reverse - take a list project and make it a board??? The last I see from Asana is a few years ago and it said they were actively working on it. I can’t find it. Any update from Asana Developers?

Doh- I dug in a little more and see that asana is saying the feature will be out in the next couple months.

You use exactly the same technique, create the board project, and multi-home tasks into it.

Any update on this feature? (ability to switch a project from boards to list view - and vice versa?

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This feature will come once the migration to the new data model started/is done. See Reminder about two big upcoming API changes (String IDs and new sections) - #10 by Joe_Trollo


@Marie - are you able to give us an idea of when that might happen? That is HUGE issue I have and it would solve so many problems for me and my team.

Hi @Kari_Stober,

Just like we do for all updates, this new feature will be rolled out gradually! We’re hoping to start deploying it in the next couple of weeks; but don’t worry, I’ll update this thread as soon as we start deploying it, so you’ll automatically get notified!

Hope this helps!

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I can confirm that the rollout is happening. I am a part of a few asana orgs and the one org has the feature. I thought I was seeing things which lead me down the rabbit hole; ending in this thread.

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Here’s a little more information courtesy of a developer-focused post:


Thanks @Phil_Seeman :wink:

Thanks Phil, does this mean once a workspace is migrated I can switch between list and board or does this feature to be released in a next step?

I believe that’s correct - once you’re migrated, you should be able to switch. However, @Joe_Trollo, are you able to confirm if that’s the case?

Yes, that’s correct—the rollout of the “boards to lists” UI feature is aligned with the migration.