Switching from Boards to List View (and vice versa)

Hi @CupOfKashyap,

We’re actively working on this feature and hoping to launch it in the near future! Keep an eye on #community-forum-announcements for the latest news!


ohh it was really good to here from you @Marie as today itself when I created project, added task and in the end realized that it must be a list project, so I think its necessary for all to use this feature if you are adding it to asana.

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@Marie Thanks for the update, any timeline on this, this quarter launch or next?

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Welcome to the Forum @Andrew_Green and thanks for the mention!

There are quite a few changes necessary before we can roll out Switch between Board and Lists ("Tab+N" our new shortcut to create Sections is one example among many), so we’re not yet in position to share a precise timeline, but we will share some info here as soon as we can!


wow, I am really looking forward to this!

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Eagerly waiting for this feature to launch…

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When this is implemented will Microsoft Teams be able to see the board view in a Teams tab? At the moment, the Teams integration still doesn’t recognize boards.

Larger question - will the Teams integration receive any more features? Currently Wrike is the gold standard in this particular area.

Better late than never! Looking forward to it!

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Marie, I know you said you can’t share a precise timeline, but can you give us an approximate idea? Meaning, within 3 months? Within 6 months? Within a year? Would just like to have an approximate idea. Please let us know.


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This isn’t really a workaround, since it creates a duplicate project—a problem for large teams.

It’s been over a year and nothing (are we really surprised?).

Note to Asana – if you set out to irritate your users, you’ve hit the target. If you didn’t intend to, you missed the mark as you have. My greatest concern is that you’ll finally fix this but then only include the feature in your Business edition (like you have with so many other features of late).

I guess it comes down to this. In many ways you’ve become the software company we love to hate and that’s a sad statement.

Hi @Scrumpto, we’re putting the last touches to this feature and are hoping to launch it within the next few months; I appreciate you’ve been super patient, but this will be available very soon!


Hi @Marie is there an estimated launch date? Looking forward to this feature!


Hello - if I have not started a board is there a way to move to a list format instead? I accidentally chose board when creating the project but prefer a list format. Deleting the project is not an option since i have begun project updates.

You can create a new project list, and add the task to this, so you can see the tasks in the list project. Next you can delete the board project. Be sure that all the task were added to the new list project.

I realize at this point, I am just “piling on”, but this would indeed be a helpful feature.

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Our team is currently evaluating Asana and has built a large project plan, in List view (nearly 400 or possibly over) items. Some team members would like to see this in board view. Clearly, no one wants to recreate in board view. This conversion function would be ideal!!!

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Surprised to not yet have seen this here: The beta android app already gives the possibility to switch between board and list.

Oh cool! Can you share a screenshot of a project with both layout? Thanks! Very exciting.