Switching between companies without opening new windows

False alarm, it might be Fluid that does that! Chrome gives me a new tab. Sorry guys!

Hi Asana,

I love your product, but I have a small suggestion that would be really helpful. I like switching between my two workspaces to keep track of personal and work-related tasks. But each time I switch it opens a new tab. I know that I can go back and forth from the tabs at the top but often there are more than two asana tabs open and it’s difficult to know which one belongs to which workspace. Would it be possible to make it so that when I switch from one workspace to the other it does not open a new tab but rather directs me back to the tab that belongs to that worskspace which is already open? Thanks for considering!

Hi @Chas_Edens :wave: Welcome to the Forum!

Glad to hear you love Asana! :grinning: And thank you for taking time to share your feedback with us! I’m merging your post with an existing thread we have regarding this topic to consolidate feedback. I hope it’s OK. Don’t forget to upvote it!

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@Natalia please consider a workaround to this. It has really made it very annoying for us to be switching tabs.

Hi @Ramon1 and thank you for reaching out! I totally understand this is a pain point for you and I’m really sorry for the trouble. Please, have a look at this post: Switching between companies without opening new windows might find it helpful in the meantime.

@Gianni_Liburdi just installed your Extension only taken me a year to find it… Great work will be very useful…


Just found out about Flotato for macOS. This app lets you easily create apps from websites. Free apps from webbrowser tabs :smiley: allowing you to easily switch to them as well.

The free version of Flotato only allows one window to get a grip of how it works. I immediately purchased Pro (small amount of $ anyway and the app already looks very polished) to try it with Asana. I copied the Asana app for a few workspaces, set the URL and can now easily Cmd+Tab between Asana workspaces :star_struck:

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Hi, so far the desktop application has been worked properly, but now i iexperienced that switching between workspace open a new window in the aplication as well… why has this happened??? how can I keep my workflow wihtin 1 (one) window?? please advise!