Open Asana links in existing Chrome instance?

Our team uses links to Asana tasks and projects a lot in our workflows. When I click an Asana link from email or Slack, however, it usually (always?) starts a new Chrome instance rather than going to that page in my always-open existing Asana instance. That creates friction and discourages us from using Asana links as abundantly as we’d like to if they were pure, immediate, clickable pointers to tasks/projects.

Is there any way to get Chrome to favor opening Asana links in the existing tab/window?


That would be incredibly helpful if it didn’t create more clutter by opening up additional tabs. So, I hearted this to support your request / question.

In other news, you probably already know this, but within Asana itself, you can @ mention tasks, projects, and people and it’ll keep you in that window. I know that’s not what you were asking, but your comment reminded me of a recent training where one of my clients was delighted about that feature.

Anyway, I’m watching this in hopes you get a response from the Asana team. You might also consider submitting it as a feature request under “Product Feedback”.