Switching between companies without opening new windows

Really would ne nice to get some support from Asana with this. I’m considering jumping ship out of spite. Quire looks like a lot like Asana, but I’m not even allowed to mention competition around these parts. Watch this post get banned. I’ll make another though, and another, and another…

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Please let us have Asana back the way it was before. With all the tabs I have open I tend to lose Asana. Are you considering releasing a desktop version?

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Just want to throw my hat into the ring. This recent change to Asana is terrible, you should at least give us the option of choosing how we want to switch between work spaces. +1 on having my Shift workflow messed up because of how Asana behaves now.

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Is there any news about this? I´d been using Asana Workspace Switcher, but it takes some seconds to load, so I would love to have my just switch, no opening new tab, option.
It´s an “everyday” annoying and distracting thing.

Not at the moment @Gaston bet rest ensure that as soon as I have any update about this topic, I’ll post it here.

Yep, I agree that it’s a very annoying update. Please give us an OPTION where we can decide if we want it or not. Thanks.

Just back to voice my opinion again. This is a terrible design flaw that makes using Asana very difficult. I used to recommend Asana to friends and colleagues, I can’t bring myself to do that any more. It’s such a shame that the team at Asana doesn’t seem to give a rip about their most dedicated users. If you want to make an app for casual todo lists then make a new app. If you want your app to be used by serious people then let us use it the way we see fit. I have like 10 different companies in my asana, I shouldn’t need 10 tabs open to do my normal work.

Chiming in here to agree, please stop opening workspaces in a new tab. Or make it a preference.

Dictating user experience that can easily be handled by standard browser functionality doesn’t make sense. Does someone in upper management not know how to open a link in a new tab?

Asana used to work so well with the Shift app. Now I’m going to just remove it cause it’s essentially useless since I can only access my personal tasks with it now. Great going Asana.

I have decided to stop using Asana because of this new window functionality. It breaks my workflow having multiple tabs open for each organization.

This doesn’t work, nor does the way the company handles user feedback. Has anyone been able to find a good alternative to Asana, perhaps an open source option?

@Drew_Michael, @Kieran, and others here,

Have you tried Workspaces Switcher mentioned above in this thread?

I use it exclusively to switch workspaces and it works perfectly - keeps them all in the same tab!

I also dislike this default behavior. If you insist on keeping it, please add a setting to override.

This is ridiculous, that this update is as simple as changing just one parameter in the link html code (target="_blank"), it takes literally no time to implement and doesn’t require any major rollbacks.

The community is asking for it since May every other few days, and Asana as a company is still ignoring users who even had to stop using the app altogether. I would appreciate if whoever from customer support in Asana is looking into this thread - please show it to Product Managers, they know what to do and how to prioritize such a feedback.


Trust me, it’s not at all that simple. There are a lot of technical reasons “under the hood” for this change.

I think trust is precisely what has been lost through the official responses made in this thread.

Hey everybody! If you are on Chrome I have the perfect solution. You must have the favorites bar always visible. Then you create a folder, and you bookmark each workspace. Ready.
When you want to switch you just click on the folder and choose the workspace you like. I found this even a faster and better way to switch, because I´d only bookmarked the three spaces I use more.



I can see this thread has been going since May and its now December. @Gaston - nice work around but our company doesn’t use Chrome as primary browser. Asana - a comment I haven’t seen - this change makes the desktop app for Windows unusable - switching to new company opens in the workspace or org in a browser NOT the desktop. Can that at least be fixed?

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The switch now is back to not opening a new tab. I am sad but a lot of you will be happy ^^

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Interesting - I am not seeing this - I still get a new tab when switching workspaces. @Bastien_Siebman perhaps you are part of some A-B test…