Surface the most relevant information by saving views for you and your team

@Esteban_Giannini @Solomon_Basch @Christy_Casey1 we are gradually rolling out this update and it will be available to all customers by the end of August. I will post an update on this thread once it’s fully rolled out. Thanks for your patience!


Will we be able to sort the timeline like the list (i.e., my second list view is sorted by Team and I would like to sort my second timeline the same)?

@maggieblackburn - we are still not seeing this update (we don’t have the ability to rename views). Is this rollout still in progress?

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It has not been fully rolled out yet.


Thank you!!

How do you do it? I have Premium Plan and it doesn’t seem to let me. Thanks!


Woo! Very excited to see this update!

Does this also solve the long awaited cry for saving a view with Subtasks expanded???

Hi @Vanessa_Dendy , welcome to the forum :wave:
It seems the feature is not yet enabled in your Asana - it is currently rolling out, so look out for the icons which will appear next to each tab, as per the screenshots in the original post of this thread. That’s when you’ll know you will have the update.

:bulb: Remember to refresh your browser once in a while or close & reopen the desktop app.

Hi there, august is basically over and ive been waiitng on this feature. How much longer, i cant see this feature yet. Do i have to do something to turn it on?

@Krystal_Jeanatae, see this answer earlier in this thread:



Hi folks,

@Bastien_Siebman just shared some exciting news related to this updated. You can check it out here → New! Emojis in project saved views tabs :star_struck:

This feature creates so many opportunities! Thank you for implementing this. Just became active in our Business account today, so I’ll be diving deep soon on utilizing this across our projects. Two things that came up in my preliminary testing that might be nice add-on features or enhancements.

  1. Making the “default” tab be user specific. Allow each user to define their own default tab.
  2. Enable the “Tasks Assigned to Me” filter to dynamically change based on logged in user so that way you can create one “My Project Tasks” to the project and it’s dynamic per user.

Alternatively to number 2, enhancing the filtering properties of the “My Task” inbox/project so you can create more powerful filters and create additional tabs within My Task.

yes. I just got the update.
does set as default button shown in the screenshot save for all users? if so what is the big deal of this whole update??? users like to get into Asana and show me only what is relevant to them!!!

It’s still a big deal even if it saves for all users mainly because now you can have multiple-saved views that are filtered and saved. Like 3 Board views that are filtered by different criteria, and sorted differently.

Hello folks,

Just a quick update to let you know this update is now available to all our customers!


Making the tabs user specific would be a great feature add-on :smile:
Multi Dashboards would also be a good feature for high-tier plans

This is such a game changer I finally got to merge project workflows that I made into one. Less clutter!

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I’ve been waiting for this feature for sooo long. A hard refresh (shift + reload page) did the trick for me. Good call!


Hi everyone!

I’m excited to announce we are rolling out a new “assigned to me” filter that automatically changes depending on the user who is viewing the project. This, combined with the ability to create new tabs , will allow you to easily keep track of all the tasks assigned to you without impacting other user’s view!

This new filter will be available to all customers soon!


@Emily_Roman just checking if this was picked up? Saving a specific sort/filter view in Timeline updates every view, which renders it pointless. And there’s a dearth of filters and sort options in Timeline that are available in the other views.


I really like the direction things have been going in lately…this is an important update.

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