Support Tickets not being registered

Hi there,

I was on previously about the chat bot not appearing on my computer. This has led to another issue i’m having in that i cannot submit tickets.

On friday 5th Jan and today at approx 1:40 i submitted tickets (via my phone). I have no acknowledgement to either of these tickets and they are very important - account credentials not working for multiple users. Can someone confirm if support tickets were created and are acknowledgement emails not being provided anymore?

Hi @Niamh_Sheridan , sorry to hear about that.

Perhaps @Marie or @Emily_Roman can look into this for you.

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Hi @Marie or @Emily_Roman would you have any update here? I have no way of contacting support at the moment and we have a number of users (including myself) who cannot access our instance properly?

Thanks @Niamh_Sheridan,

I can see we have received your request, and @Vanessa_N responded to it that same day, so looks like our emails provider continues to block our emails :disappointed: I’ve asked @Vanessa_N to contact you directly via DM in the Forum, she should be in touch shortly!


Many thanks @Marie . I did receive emails previously so i’m not sure why this has changed on your side. However i confirmed that nothing is blocked on our side. Would appreciate a DM as we are waiting on SSO implementation as well as a number of account issues.

Hi @Niamh_Sheridan I’ve DM’d you here in the Forum a few hours ago. Can you confirm if you can see the message in your inbox?

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