Support Response Database

We have a support team and we provide some scripted responses for frequently asked questions. We currently keep these responses in multiple Word documents, organized based on main topics/themes. I’d love to put these all in one location where they’re easier to find, update and use. Does anyone use Asana for something like this?

Hey @Kelly_Mooney,

so you use Asana as your customer support tool? Or you are using another tool and would like to store the canned responses in Asana?

At our company we use a ticketing tool that integrates with Asana but all our canned responses are saved there directly for ease of use.

However we set up our company wiki in Asana and we also set up separate projects within a team where we save stuff such as „Important Reminders“, „Product Warranty Info“, „Special Reviews from happy customers“ and also some sort of templates/drafts.

And it works well so far.

I definitely recommend though to ensure you set clearly defined titles and the rest of the info in the description field, not the comment field, because the Asana search won‘t work for comments.

I also recommend setting up single-select and multi-select custom fields to further categorize the canned responses which makes it easier to filter and also set up a dashboard, etc
As reports/graphs you can for example display how many canned responses you have in a specific category, etc

Personally I‘d set this up in a separate team with various projects.
You can also multihome all tasks into one main project where you have all canned responses and then separate projects where you categorize them.
With the custom fields you will also be able to set up rules to multihome tasks if needed.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

@Andrea_Mayer That is super helpful - great ideas! Currently we don’t use Asana as a support tool, I was just trying to think of a better way to store our responses and was considering Asana. I think a Portfolio might be able to work so they’re all stored under one roof, but maybe sorted by topics. I hadn’t considered using the fields, but that and setting up rules could potentially help with finding answers if the Support team wanted to move to using the platform.
Thanks for your suggestions!


Yeah I mean portfolios is more to gain an overview on task progress, however yes if you have the canned responses split up into projects depending on category you can then also add all the projects to the portfolio for an overview


Actually it does, just tested :slight_smile:

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huch really? Search now works for everything in comments also :open_mouth:
That is new to me, maybe Asana is testing something and we can hope for an update here soon :wink:

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okay just tested it also and yes it works! This is great :slight_smile: