Suggestions on APIs Sales Reporting

Hi! I currently manage our online e-commerce merch store. I love using Asana and wanted to know if there is or what is the best API for tracking customer sales. I would love to have that info in Asana in graphs. I don’t mind updating a Google sheet myself so it will data sync to the API. Currently, our website is run by BigCommerce and our order processing platform is Stripe.

I have found some APIs but was curious to see what everyone recommends.

Hi @Jenny_Magaña , welcome to the forum! This is a pretty open-ended question that could be answered in many ways depending on a few factors (your current tech stack, your desired visibility, etc,).

Could you give a bit more context on your specific process, what exactly you’re looking to accomplish (e.g., volume/value of sales per customer), and why you are unable to do that in your current tools? (I assumed that all e-comm platforms had this type of reporting built in; do you want in in Asana for a specific reason?)