Report Writer Interface to Asana API


This is something I mentioned long ago, that somebody should find the cheapest and most powerful report writer package and interface to the Asana API. I am not qualified for this. It will be a great opportunity for you programmers. Just as an example their is Zoho Reports that can read Asana API. Don’t even think of using their task manager, I tried it and it was a nightmare for my team. Asana is so much better. The point is I asked them and here is there reply. So go for it. It may not even be Zoho. @Matt_Bramlage are you aware of any Asana users linking a Report Writer to your API?

Hi James,

You can use Asana Export API to import data into Zoho Reports for reporting. Alternatively, you may also use get data from Asana and accumulate in a cloud storage or in FTP server and import data into Zoho Reports for reporting.

Please refer the following online help docs to know more:

Let me know if you need any clarification.


We have a couple of apps that do reporting with Asana (for instance, you can see some on our apps page) and we know of a few more in the works that haven’t yet been announced. We have seen some of our customers build pretty elegant reports as well!

Reporting is a common request that we hear from our customers, but what’s interesting is that what “reports” entail varies widely (reporting means something specific and slightly different to each person, it seems). That’s one of the challenges with first-party features that we’d build, finding that common ground for all or most of the requests for reports that we get.

That being said, there’s always room for more types of reporting and examples of in-house tools that we’d love to share around.