Report Writer For Asana-It Can Be Done

I don’t know why people a lot smarter than me in data management don’t find the most inexpensive report writer available and teach the community or create for, or create an integration. I knew about Zoho Report Writer vaguely from another brief life with Zoho (not one I would recommend over Asana). So here is what I did and I am not a programmer. (I hired one for Sendana :slight_smile:Asana_Example_Report Test.pdf (13.8 KB)

  1. Created an Advanced Search in Asana.
  2. Exported to CSV File
  3. Signed up for the free addition of Zoho Report Writer
  4. Imported the CSV file
  5. Customized my report including what columns, grouping etc.
  6. I left assignments out on purpose for confidentiality.
  7. I think I can save this template and this advanced report and merely import the CSV file and I can have a clean report.
  8. The free is limited and I don’t want to pay $50 per month, but I am sure others are out there.

And guess what, I created a pretty clean report along the lines of numerous request for a simple task listing! This just happened to be accounting department I set up for a church. So take a look and let me know what you think.

So some of you guys/gals more talented than me, you have an opportunity, and maybe a commercial one at that.:slight_smile: This is only one of many programs that support importing CSV files or access API’s, Maybe better yet, Asana, it would be great to have a report writer on your road map…

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Also with tools like Zapier, possibilities are limitless…

@Bastien_Siebman Does Zapier have a report writer aspect or is it mainly a trigger system. I was not aware your can generate custom reports like shown with Zoho. That would be great.


I don’t know, just saying there are many possibilities around Asana when you start connecting it to external tools :slight_smile:

What I am doing is likely not for everyone, but this thread prompted me to share.

When we first moved to Asana we worried about not having a backup. So I made use of the api to write a Powershell script that would pull everything down and save it as a single XML file.

Once I had that, it was fairly easy to write scripts against the XML file and generate Excel reports. The most useful one is a list of all active projects with stats like number of open and completed tasks, project age and days since last update.


Hi Can you share this script please ?

would be great !


Hi, i’m sorry , I meant to reply to @mkoehler :wink:

for his Powershell script


Not a problem good luck with getting information :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delayed response.

You can find it here: Powershell script to backup Asana · GitHub


Thanks! i Will look into it !

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So, @James_Carl - what’s been the progress on report writers for Asana since your post back in April of 2017?
I chose Asana without checking output capabilities. Love the internal capabilities AND, getting reports out to stakeholders and senior management cannot be as challenging as it seems here in 2023…

What news can you share?

Welcome, @G_A_Borden,

This thread hasn’t been updated in over six years, but I’m happy to “report” there are more options now.

I’m responsible for this one (free to almost all individuals and businesses):

You can explore other options at Asana Apps and Integrations • Asana.



Thanks. Will look into it.

About to go back to MS Project…

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We have to help you :sweat_smile:

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