Create and update Reports using API

I want to manage the Reports list in the Asana UI.

Reports are tedious to work with. If you want to change a saved report, you must click Refine, make the change, then click the dropdown to rename it, then delete the old one, then drag it to the position of the old report.

I want to populate the sidebar with preset Reports for all my employees.

Is there an API to manage the Reports list in the Asana UI?

EDIT: Looks like I can share the Report’s URL with team members and they can click Save Report which helps a little. Its still painful to modify a report, and would be nice to have an API to manage the Report list.

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As I think you’ve found, there’s not an API for managing reports.


You can also try Bridge24 for Asana if you need advanced reports for Asana! It’s an external tool, but you can do much more than within Asana.


I used Bridge24 for awhile but after they switched to the paid model and my grids/reports loaded painfully slow I gave up.