A new app which will pull a report from another tool into Asana

I would like to create a WEB API which will extract a report from a third party tool. I want to bring up the resulting report as a widget on Asana Dashboard. Any ideas for a good start?

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Hi @Nethra_Viswanathan,

Unfortunately this isn’t currently possible; Asana doesn’t provide any programmatic access to its Dashboard or provide the ability to create Dashboard widgets.

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Thank you. Then is it feasible to invoke a Web API which will give me a JSON output of the report I want? Can I populate the values in an attachment within a task programmatically?

Not intending to be snarky, but it all depends on what report you want. Yes, you can definitely use the Asana API to extract data, and it will come back to you as JSON. But not every piece of data is available via the API, and it might not come back in the exact structure you’re wanting. You’ll have to explore the API to see if it can give you what you’re wanting.

Asana does give you the ability to upload attachments onto a task.

I’m sorry I meant to ask if there is a facility in Asana to save the response of my Web API in a task ( as an attachment , as a widget etc)

No. You would have to do that yourself (i.e. by retrieving the data via the API and then subsequently writing it to a task again via the API).

thank you for the help. One final question - Can I trigger the invocation of the mentioned API (which lists the results of an external report in a task of Asana) with a button click in Asana? or is there is any other way of triggering it from Asana?

I think you misunderstood my answer; there is no API endpoint which will do that.

I meant the “mentioned API” as the one I would be developing. I want to know if my Web API can be invoked on a button click or any other trigger (like scheduled job everyday) in Asana?

Oh, got it, sorry I misunderstood.

The only supported way to invoke anything on your end from the Asana web UI is by creating an App Component - that’s the only functionality Asana provides to external apps to put something on its web UI. But IMO an App Component is overkill and not really an appropriate vehicle for your purposes.

The other thing some third parties have done is write a Chrome extension which puts a button or other UI element on the Asana UI. This isn’t supported by Asana and they might at any time make a change to their UI which would break your Chrome extension. But some developers have done this anyway.

You could do this, but it would just be a job you run on a schedule on your end of things. That is, you’d have to implement and control the scheduler aspect of it.

Thank you very much Phil :slight_smile: