Subtasks rolling up to parent task


I am using Asana as an invoice tracker.

To give you a visual, I have a section called “Open” and there are multiple customers here added as tasks (1, 2, 3, etc.) there are also three key fields A, B & C.

A - “Award amount” this is where we manually enter the total agreement amount… let’s say it’s $10k in this example. ’
B - “Invoiced to date.” Often times we submit 5-10 invoices and we create subtasks for these invoices. The subtask can inherit field B and we can enter an amount here, but it doesn’t roll up to the parent task! This is where I need help. We have 3 subtasks for $1k each, I would be great if these $1k rolled up to the parent tasks to say $3k.
C - This is using Asana’s new formulas where A - B = C where C would give us the balance left to invoice.

Ideally it would look like;

Customer 1A ($10) - 1B($3K) = 1C ($7k)
Customer 2A ($5k) - 2B($4k) = 2C ($1k)
Total ($15k) ($7k) = ($8k)

It currently looks like;
Customer 1A ($10) - BLANK = 1C ($10k)
Customer 2A ($5k) - BLANK = 2C ($5k)
Total ($15k) ($7k) = ($8k)

Hello @David_Lopez1,

based on Richard’s post subtask roll-up is not supported at the moment by the advanced formula editor.

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Here is one solution (I think) and another wacky partial solution, but neither completely approaches this exactly as you asked:

An approach that works well, and you could amend it to use subtasks:

Very hacky option:




Thank you so much! While, I’m not sure these will work based on our current Asana workflow, I think this does give a new perspective on creative ways to work in Asana and can potentially apply these methods to other projects/tasks.


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