Subtask information rolling up to Parent Task

It would be great if parent tasks rolled up more information from the sub-tasks. I don’t want to click into every category to see when the completion date is projected to be, I want to see it at a glance as roll-up information so I only have to update it once and in one place.

Based on other topics I’ve read, I’m guessing there’s an add-on that would allow this but c’mon… a subscription to make an existing subscription work? I’d rather just have a product that does all of that.

My company is still evaluating if we’ll go with Asana as our tool. I’m rooting for you, Asana, but it’s a bummer to see deficiencies coming out when I’m still in the trial phase.

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It would be fantastic if subtask information could roll up and down from parent/ sub tasks. Time now does roll up now, but progress and tags don’t.

EG 1: One task has 5 sub tasks. each subtask takes a few minutes, and no dates or assignee is added but each needs to be checked for regulation/ QA purposes. The parent task is marked complete, but the subtasks stay undone.

EG 2: There is a scrum of scrum project wherein each task has 8 sub tasks. Each subtask is part of a different project, but the status of the parent task stays “not started” when subtasks have started and start/end dates do not roll up to the parent task either.

Ideal Solution for roll ups:
Could there be a check box or rule option created to state what fields roll up and how?

Ideal Solution as added rule options:

  • “If subtasks exist AND dates are set, Start Date= first subtask date; End Date= latest subtask date”
  • “Any Subtask Status Changed to In Progress= Parent Task is marked In Progress” &
  • “All Subtask Status Changed to Complete= Parent Task is marked Complete” would save a good amount of time.

Thanks for reading and all you do to support the product.

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