Subtasks not showing way to expand in list view

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: One of my projects isn’t showing a drop down option (little triangle) to expand the subtasks but all my other projects are. As far as I can tell all the settings between projects are the same.

Steps to reproduce: Only a problem in one project but is the case in that whole project

Browser version: Safari 15.0

Upload screenshots below:

Welcome, @Allison_Hall,

Does “Sort” appear in the toolbar at the top right like this for the problem project:

If something else appears where Sort is in the image, that’s the issue; the expand/collapse twisties unfortunately only appear when Sort is None.

Hope that helps,


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that’s it. Dang that’s kinda annoying when you really want to sort by date! Thanks for the help!

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