Why can't I expand tasks when using a filter?

Why can’y I expand tasks and see my sub-tasks when using a filter? Should at least be able to filter in a way that will make the board stay like that.

Please help me out here.

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Hi @Marcus_Sätherström Welcome to the forum. Just to clarify you cannot drop down the subtask icon and see the tasks when a filter is applied? Could you add a screenshot?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

On these tasks (milestones) I have subtasks, and I can see them by expanding the task. BUT when I sort on due date (or whatever) that expand function is removed.

Images with sorting on.


Hi @Marcus_Sätherström ah ok and it is list view? You are clicking the arrow just to check next to the diamond and it is not showing when you filter?

Screenshot 2024-01-16 at 13.22.06

Hi @Marcus_Sätherström just testing it my end, i can replicate this when filtering with custom fields in the list view

Hey, as you can see on my image there is no arrow when I have sorted the list. It works when I filter in the list yes. Try again ant sort on Due date for example.

I replicate your reported issue for Sort and Filter; any Sort or Filter in List View makes the subtasks unexpandable, for any Parent Task.

(OTOH, in Board View, Sort and Filter do not interfere with expandability.)

So this does appear to be the programmed behavior. As to whether it’s intentional, hard to say. As to whether this makes sense, I cannot see any reason for it…except the slight ambiguity that might pertain, when Filter and Sort operates only on the Parent Task, and Subtasks are then displayed (or not??) that don’t match the operative Filter or Sort. Even here, to differentiate List and Board Views is mysterious. :confused:

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Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Marcus_Sätherström!

This is a known situation. Here is an existing feedback request thread where you can leave your vote: