Expand Subtasks in List View When Filter for Custom Field is Applied

Being able to expand and see subtasks in list view is one of the best features of subtasks. It allows for very simple grouping of related tasks for example:

Parent Task: Weekly Meeting
Sub Tasks

  • Draft agenda
  • Summarize meeting notes
  • Post summary
  • Populate new tasks to Asana

The above items are not complex enough to justify their own project, so they homed in an existing project.

Within projects, many of us using Asana live by list views that filter using custom fields to make finding and focusing on a set of specific tasks in a project possible vs. viewing a list of hundreds of tasks. For example, having a list view that shows only “high” priority tasks due today (no sorting, just filtering).

Unfortunately, any time a filter is applied using a custom field, the ability to expand and see subtasks within a list view is disabled. It would be a huge boost to our productivity if unsorted lists that have a custom field filter applied could still show expanded subtasks.

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