Drop down sub tasks

I just added one task to a second project (via co-housing) and I noticed that on the second project I added it to, I did not have the option with the small, black triangle to expand all the subtasks like you can normally do.

Is this normal? Can you only expand sub tasks from the main list from the original project where you made the subtasks?


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You probably have a sorted view in the second project, and the little triangle only appears when there is no sort option selected.


Hello @Kelsea_Nemcek1, my name is Isidro and I’m happy to help you.

If I understand, what you are trying to do is the following:
I have in this screenshot a task that was created in another project (green color on the top left corner) with 2 subtasks. As you can see this project is sorted out with Due date and I can see these 2 subtasks.

Screen Shot 2022-05-16 at 18.45.08

Is it possible for you to take a screenshot of what you are looking at?

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Hi @chilosada
Your example is on the board view, but if you open the list view you’ll see it doesn’t work once sorted by due dates :wink:

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