Subtasks Copying into Separate New Request Triggers

Context: I’m trying to create a work request for Hiring Managers to add new hires into our system. Once the Hiring Manager fills out the work request, depending on the location of the employee, the workflow is supposed to fall into different HRBP’s and subtasks.

However, every time I submit a test intake form for different employee locations, the subtasks from one of the sections copies into other section tasks. Each employee location needs different subtasks, and I cannot figure out for the life of me why the subtasks from one of the sections continues to pop up in other triggers.

Can someone help me with this?

There are 5 subtasks to be completed when the intake form falls under “New Requests (FTE in HQ)”. As you can see, there’s no subtasks set for the “New Requests (FTE in PC)”.

However, when you submit the intake form and label it as “FTE in PC”, the 5 subtasks from “FTE in HQ” will auto-generate in the task.

I hope this makes sense - I tried to add a screenshot of the task list but it won’t let me add more than one image. Essentially, under “FTE in PC”, the 5 subtasks show up that belong to the “FTE in HQ” section.

Can someone help me get past this issue? Thank you!

Indeed it should be working as expected. Did you check the task history, meaning all the info above the comment box, to see if there are info there? Also if you name your rules, you’ll see which one is triggered based on the pop up showing up in the bottom left corner.

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Hi Bastien, thank you for attempting to help me here! I did check the task history, and nothing helpful to glean there.

You can see better below, that when a new intake form comes in for “FTE in PC”, the 5 subtasks automatically get added (that’s supposed to belong in the “FTE in HQ” trigger), even though in the workflow there are no subtasks under “FTE in PC”.

When you look at the the rules (not the Workflow tab) do you see any rule that shouldn’t be there? Because keep in mind the Workflow tab is only a visual aid, and it doesn’t show all rules, you might have other rules running not displayed here.

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I looked at every rule and there’s nothing off, or anything that specifically directs every task to get assigned those 5 subtasks. I’m still wracking my brain as I feel like I’ve gone through every possible route to fix this.

I’m just not understanding why the first section’s subtasks are showing up in the second, and third section tasks as well when they come through the intake form.

I’m answering from my phone so I apologize for not testing before I answer, but I believe all new tasks added via a form are momentarily added to the first section of a project. This is probably why that is happening.

Try creating a section called New or Intake and have that be the first section in the project.


Hi Christine, thank you so much for your response! You’re correct, it does momentarily get added to the first section but eventually moves into the correct space. My only issue right now is that even after it moves into the correct space, and gets assigned to the correct person even, the subtasks form the 1st section continue to get copied in every single task.

Did you try creating an empty intake section as your first section?

Alternatively, is there something other than the section/custom field that can be the trigger? For example maybe the trigger could be “assigned to mary” add the subtasks?

@Deena_I, If you post a screenshot of each rule’s trigger and actions that will help (Customize > Rules).