Task duplicates in automations

It is easy to create duplicates of a task and sent it to multiple people, but that is not a thing in the automations (rules). We still need to create as many tasks as we need people to complete them.
If that ever see the light of the day, could we also get the same feature for sub-tasks please?

Hey @Tristan_Benoit what is the trigger - could the create new task action help or is it a different task each time therefore the need for direct duplication?

Hey @Danielle-GenD
The trigger is a task being approved. Then some persons need to evaluate the said task. Going with sub-tasks, it is possible to notify every person to complete the evaluation and to see who did/didn’t. Furturmore, having subtasks is the easiest way currently for me to visualise the ratings each people gave the task without having 40+ custom fields in the main task.

Having to create identical tasks/subtasks and asign each one of them to each individual of the review unit is tedious.

Hey @Tristan_Benoit
Thanks for going into more detail.
How i manage that kind of process is that the approval itself doesn’t happen at task level it is either an approval subtask that auto adds with a rule at a stage in the workflow, same with any subsequent approvals

I’m sorry @Danielle-GenD I did say that a TASK was approved but since the forms can only produce tasks and no approbations, the approval process is done on a sub-task level.

That in itself causes even more headaches since it comes with the inability to automatically move the main task automatically in the given category following the subtask approbation/reject.

To my understanding, that also means tat there can’t be automatic messages to the person that filled the form in case there is a need for more information etc.