Problem with New Rule Builder

We came into a big problem with the new rule builder. Hopefully I can explain myself:

We have built a system to trigger Department Requests (Subtasks) for an Event (Task) when a Department (Option) is selected in the Department Request custom field (Multi Select) of the Event (Task)

Previously, with the automation in the screenshot below, every time you would select one department (Multi Select Option) it would create just the subtask for that department, even if other departments/options were already selected (we have one rule for each department to create a specific subtask)

With the new rule builder (see screenshot below), when you select an option in the department requests, and you have other options already selected, it triggers all the other rules for the other departments since it responds to “Department Requests is changed” trigger. With this, it creates new subtasks even for the options that has not been changed.

I know it is complicated to explain the system we have over a post but this update completely destroys what we have been using for almost a whole year.

Hi @Esteban_Giannini , from what I gather, I think that your second trigger should be removed. Or possibly, you should (be able to) change the OR to AND (between your triggers).

Hi @Richard_Sather , thank you for your suggestion!

Unfortunately, when the second trigger (Department Requests is changed) is removed, the rule no longer triggers when you make a change if the task is already in the project.

As for changing the OR to AND, it seems that this is not possible on the trigger side. Apparently, the new rule builder doesn’t have the capability for it.

@Esteban_Giannini you do seem to have found an edge case in the behavior of the new rule builder. Because it looks to be a regression from the old (classic) rule builder, I’m moving your report to the Bugs forum section.


Thank you @Phil_Seeman

Hi everyone, thank you for moving this case to the Bugs Section. I’ve escalated this report to our Developers to see if this is expected and if there’s a workaround to share. As soon as I have an update I’ll let you know!

Hi @Vanessa_N - Just wanted to circle back to see if there has been any updates on this? We use this workflow multiple times a day and every day that goes by it is creating frustration in our organization. Hopefully there is some workaround. Thanks!


As a temporary workaround, you should be able to revert to the old (“classic”) rule builder:


Thank you so much! I was not seeing that option but when creating new rules it showed up! Saved my day :slight_smile:

Right, I should have mentioned - once you start building a rule in the new rule builder, that option is no longer available; but you can revert with a blank new rule showing.


Hi everyone, sorry for the delay!

Our Developers have confirmed that this is unfortunately a limitation in the new rule builder, but they plan to roll out a solution in the near future.

As a non-ideal workaround, you can opt-out of the new rule builder, which will allow you to continue to use the old rule builder. Instructions for opting in and out are in this guide article.


hi, thanks for asking this question @Esteban_Giannini! We have the exact same issue… I just tried to switch back to the old rule builder but that seems to be no longer possible @Vanessa_N. Is that right?

Hi @Machteld_Vervaet, welcome to our Community Forum. You are correct, unfortunately it’s no longer possible to move back to the old rule builder. Let me check with the team if they have an ETA to share regarding this fix.

Hi @Machteld_Vervaet, apologies for the confusion. Our Developers clarified that the classic rules builder is still available, and they will maintain that possibility to switch between versions until this issue is fixed. You can switch to the classic rule builder by clicking the three dots at the top of the rule set up page, as illustrated here. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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