Subtasks are now visible on Timeline!

Hello, dear Asana team! Thank you for addressing subtasks in timeline, the lack of this feature has been a huge source of stress for our team! Where does this stand right now? Is it rolled out still to 50% of people with bug? Or has it been fixed? Would love an update, as we are now in the middle of a rollout of Asana in our team and this will determine how we organize our cards and workflow!

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Hello @Maria_Teixeira,

We intent to roll this feature out to all customers in the next couple of days. I will post an update here once that’s the case.


Subtasks on timeline are now available to all our customers! :partying_face:

I know some folks need to Allow to stack multiple tasks in Timeline on a single line – if you’re running into this issue, please upvote this thread and let us know in the comments why this is affected your workflow. I’m forwarding all this feedback to our Product team and will post an update on this thread once this request gets prioritised!


Why are you releasing this feature when so many organizations are having problems with it?!
Have you confirmed that it has a bug and does not look as the screenshot in the release notes?

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Hello @Gabriel_Cole,

Full disclosure: the screenshot I shared in my first announcement was taken from early designs our team built on Figma; it was not an in-product screenshot – my bad for not realizing that the final product looked different. I’m sorry for setting the wrong expectation here.

I’m keeping Allow to stack multiple tasks in Timeline on a single line open and will continue to update you and our Product team until this gets prioritized.


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