Status updates to Slack

I would like to be able to create a rule in Asana (or a slash function in Slack) that sends published project/portfolio status updates to a Slack channel automatically.
The goal would be that whenever a status update is published, it is shared in the channel the same way it works for tasks. We have lots of colleagues who have all Asana notifications turned off so it would be great to funnel them just the high-level status updates on a project to stay aware of what’s happening without getting the notifications on the progress of every individual task.


Anyone successfully set this up by looping in a third tool (Zapier)?


Same here, looking for an answer!

I am also interested in this - if anyone has a hack/solution, please share :pray:

I’m attempting to use Asana to run a few parallel projects with a department in my company. We’re utilizing the project status updates as an opportunity to wrap up the recent happenings into a summary for our full department to see (i.e. asynchronous meetings, yay!).

I would LOVE to get these updates posted into our departments slack channel - is there an easy way to pull this off? I notice that the updates are considered “messages” on the project, but I still can’t find a reasonable way to connect project messages with Slack either.

This feature will be very helpful. The status updates look amazing in Asana, so it would be impressive to post them in a Slack channel for a larger audience that has no access to the project. Thanks!

Big +1, not everyone in my Org is in Asana, would be great to prompt me to post my status updates to slack and/or email.

Instead, I’m just going to post slack updates without bothering with an Asana status update.

+1, absolutely ridiculous this isn’t already a feature…

A nice hack here would be:

  • In slack, create a channel email address
  • In Asana, add the email address to the project, comment only
  • In slack, accept the invite (note: no need to follow full set up process, simply click the accept button)
  • In Asana, set notifications to ‘status update’ and/or ‘message’ to receive the updates in to the slack channels

It’s a workaround and not ‘super clean’ but does the job!


@Rich_Upton Thanks for the workaround!