Integration Request: Pushing Asana Project Messages to Slack Channel

I am working on a cross-collaborative project with multiple stakeholders, and we’re using Asana to manage the project and a private Slack channel to communicate updates and ask questions. I hold a monthly in-person meeting to discuss project progress and always send a follow up message via the Asana project Messages function to track those notes and action items. I then copy/paste that message into Slack so my team can find those updates whereever needed.

It would be so much more efficient and beneficial to be able to automatically push that message to Slack when it’s created. Right now I can only do that for comments made on a particular task.

Copy/pasting takes extra time and leaves room for error and breaks in communication, so I end up not using the integration at all. It also hinders my ability to use all of the features of a Project while still catering to my team’s communication preferences.

I would love to recommend this for the product roadmap!

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Hello @Igor_Brandao, I have merged your post into an existing feedback request thread, don’t forget to upvote there :slight_smile:
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Thank you so much, Andrea.