Ability to manual push notifications to a Slack channel...

Slack / Asana integration hasn’t exactly nailed my exact needs yet.

If I link the project (free) to a slack channel, the notifications are way overboard… creating too much noise in the channel

If I create conditional workflows (paid), I have to create a rule that triggers for all of my possible scenarios that I want to share the task being done under.

Is there a possible solution that allows a user to manually push a notification to a Slack channel (you could allow the user to choose what ever channel they wish for it to be sent to).

REASON: Theres lots of tasks I add to my projects that are more so just reminders for me. The entire team in the Slack channel doesnt need to be notified it got done. This produces fatigue from channel members who eventually just ignore the Asana notifications.

I would prefer to have control over what info got shared and when (to have the most impact).

Would that work to have a custom field dropdown called “Actions” with an option “Send to Slack” and you have a rule looking for change to this value?

OR consider not doing this at all, not making Slack user’s life easier, but instead have them come to Asana/receive status updates?

Hi Bastien - thank you for thinking through some workflows with me.

I’m currently not paying for the conditional rule tier. But I can consider this.

The second method isn’t viable for me. My use case is in the context of office—> field communication in construction.

The guys in the field are currently not Asana users.

And on top of that, I’m trying to push info to a group as opposed to have each group member have to come to the info.

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