Solution to link slack with project or team messages

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i have explored the slack /asana integration and tried a zapier solution but i am still coming up empty. We have crew who love to keep messaging in slack, and messaging going on in teams and projects and portfolios in Asana. We want to keep everything connected and meet folks where they are. Is there a solution to two way sync MESSAGES with slack channels. All there seems to be is connectivity at the task/project level. We need MESSAGES showing up in a channel. This seems super obvious to me and kind of confusing to think this doesn’t exist. I am hoping i just havent found the right answer yet. I am hoping the answer isn’t no =-(

Hi @Emily_Gonzales as this is an integration by Slack, you may want to fill out their feedback.
Go here and scroll down to the Learn more and get support. Then click on the support link.

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Thanks for this. And within asana, there seem to be limitations on rules too. There are no rules such as “new message posted to project” triggers > “post message to slack channel” I would love to be able to push new messages to slack with a rule like this.

I doubt Asana will create such an integration as that moves you off their tool.

I doubt Slack will create this as that will cause A LOT of traffic on their app server which cost them money.

People need to check their Asana inbox on a daily basis.

well, that makes perfect sense. AND is annoying :crazy_face:

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