Create Project Status from Slack Message

I love that we can create tasks from messages in Slack.
It would be amazing if we can post a status update from Slack to Asana

Similar to creating a task, this would enable teams to use Slack to create quick status updates from a slack post.

Often we start in Slack and this would help bridge the gap.

Is this something that can be addressed in the Slack integration as it is currently designed?

Thanks for sharing @lilrkt! You are right, this is currently not available. We currently don’t have plans to launch a similar feature but I have gone ahead and sent your feedback to our team so it can be considered for future updates.

Thanks again for your feedback! Have a great day :slight_smile:

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I like this idea and would also like to see it work the other way. If a project status is updated in Asana, it’d be great if it posted to the linked Slack channel also, so users can see it and reply to it there also.



I agree; we would love to have our status updates posted in Asana get pushed over to slack (and vice versa). We have a subset of our company who uses Asana, but we also have many team members (engineering) who are based out of Jira. Slack is our common platform, and being able to push status updates to/from Slack would really help for project visibility.