Status Updates on the go!

Adding statuses from within the toolbar
And from mobile app + chrome widget would be immensly helpful.

What would be killer is if we can convert comments or post to Statuses from within Slack.

Love where all of the update features are headed. Really hoping to get more status updates out the door.

Hi @lilrkt, and thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

When sharing feedback, we recommend using on thread per idea; with multiple requests on one thread, it can be hard to keep track of feedback and votes.

I found a thread for one of your requests: Create Project Status from Slack Message

I have also created a separate thread for your request to create status updates from the + icon: Ability to create status updates from the toolbar (+ orange icon)

Please create a request in the #mobile:androidios-feedback to have the ability to create status updates on mobile and others in the #productfeedback to create status updates from the chrome extension. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

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