Problem linking asana proyects to specific slack channels

Hi, I’m having issues linking asana projects to specific slack channels. Another coworker inside the organization opened a channel in slack and neither she or I can link the corresponding asana project to that slack channel. I don’t know hoy to fix this. Neither the
/slack help
nor the
/slack link
commands work :frowning:

Hi @Jesus_Altzil_Murillo! Welcome to the forum :wave::grinning:

You are absolutely right, to set up notifications for a channel type /asana link and press Enter, then you should see the option to choose and connect your project to the channel. Could you please confirm what do you see after you press Enter?

Please make sure you’re in the channel you’re setting up notifications for. Learn more about project notifications in Slack on this article.

Looking forward to your reply! :sunny: