Slack no longer linked to Asana project, can't relink

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I have a Slack channel that we use for notifications about a specific Asana project. It keeps unlinking from the project. I removed and re-added the Asana app to Slack. When I try to link the Slack channel to the Asana project, and search for the project, it just spins.

Same for me, my Asana rule publishing a DM keeps breaking every day. I messaged the support, it was escalated to the engineering team…

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Hey @Bastien_Siebman, I’ve moved this to #bugs:in-progress.

When you receive an update from Support, would you mind letting us know here? :slight_smile:

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Not elegant, but I completely removed Asana from our organization’s Slack apps. Thankfully I’m the only one who uses Asana for Slack, otherwise that would be too risky. Re-added Asana to Slack, and now the spinning wheel is gone, I can select a project.

This is still an issue overall - Slack channels shouldn’t be disconnecting from Asana especially without notice. I missed some critical notifications about the project during the downtime.


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