Slack Integration

New to asana - I’ve just installed the slack integration, and am getting an odd issue.

Some slash commands only work in some of the channels that have asana attached. /asana create works in all channels, but /asana link does nothing in some channels, and works fine in others.

The only distinctive fact about the non-functional channels was that they had identical names to projects in asana. But when I delete

… delete the projects in asana, it doesn’t help. Any ideas?

Hi @John_Loder and welcome to the Forum!

Are you a member of the project in which /asana create doesn’t work? COuld you confirm if your colleagues are experiencing the same issue? Looking forward to your reply!

To be clear /asana create works in all channels. _/asana link, help and settings do not work in some channels, and do in others. In all cases I am a member of the channels. Other members of the team do not have asana authorised in Slack - I’m testing out asana to see if we can make it work for us, and integration is one of the issues.

Apologies for misreading your first post!

Looks like there is something odd there…

Have you tried to de-authorise and re-authorize the integration? Something might have gone wrong during the first set up! You can deauthorize your Asana account using the /asana settings commend (I’m aware it does not work in all your channels, so simply pick one it works in).

Let us know if that resolves your issue or if you need additional help with this!

I’ve now tried that, and it has not solved the problem! Anything else I can try?

Asana is approved at the organisation level in Slack. Do I need to deauthorise and reauthorise at that level?

Tried that, didn’t work.

Hi @John_Loder and thanks for the follow-up.

Quick question, when setting up the integration, did you select “All public channels” as mentioned in our Guide article and seen in the screenshot below?

No - I went for no channels, then added asana channel by channel.

I’m having this exact issue. I’ve added Asana to the intended channel and it doesn’t respond to /link etc (it does to create). Other channels it works fine. Was a fix found?

I’m having the issue as well and it’s almost a year later. We did the same thing, channel by channel. Can this be fixed or can we repeat the overall integration? Thank you.