Status Update only in "Progress" view and not duplicated in the "Conversation" view



I’m using the Status Update function and this is great to keep a full history of all project status updates.

Nevertheless, once you submit an Update, it automatically becomes a new conversation in the “Conversations” panel of the project. If you already have other conversations, the list can grow very quickly and finding a specific conversation becomes not easy.

My suggestion :slight_smile:

  • Progress Updates" could stay only in the “Progress” view of the project without being duplicated as a conversation

  • All members notified by a “Progress Updates” could be automatically added as followers considering that updates cover the whole project and that everybody should be informed by additionnal informations provided by another member

What is your point of view ? is there a specific reason why updates become conversations ?


Archive conversations


Does someone have another feedback about that point ?

Thank you


Hi @Alexis

What is your point of view on the point I mention about progress updates ?



Hi @Alexis, @Marie
Some colleagues of me asked me the same question I’m asking in this topic, then I allow myself to contact you again on that subject.

When you use a lot the conversation panel then the list of topics can be vey long … and if Status Update are added to that list then it’s even worse.

What is the advantage of making a Status Update become a conversation (as they are already displayed in “Progress”) ?

Thank you


Hi @Marie, could you please give me a feedback on that point ? :slight_smile:


Hi @Julien_RENAUD and sorry for the late reply. I completely understand where you’re coming from. I guess, having your status update automatically creating a conversation allow the Team to reflect or discuss the progress made on a project (which you can’t do from the Progress Tab). We haven’t planned to make any changes in this regards in the next few months, but this is something we could look to improve in the future. Thanks for your feedback, as always we really appreciate it!


Thank you @Marie
Actually it is possible to comment a status directly from the progress panel that is why I raised that point, all members could reply from there without mixing with conversations:


Oups! :see_no_evil:My mistake @Julien_RENAUD. As I said, I don’t think we’ve planned to make some changes in a near future, but this is ceratinly something we could look into for future improvements!