Guest Access to Conversations/Progress

Hi Asana Forum,

I know guests are considered limited access members and will only see what is explicitly shared with them. We want to have our clients (“guests” in this case since they don’t have the same organization email URL as us) to be able to view the tasks in a project as well as potentially having access to the progress and conversations related to specific projects that they will be invited to…

Is this possible? Will we always have to explicitly tag them in conversations and progress for them to see the updates?

Welcome @Meg_L!

Yes this is possible! In fact, Guest will only see Conversations and Status updates they’ve @mentioned in or added to as a Collaborator. So when you need to share a status update/conversation with one of your client, make sure to @mention them or to add them as a Collaborator, and you’re all set!

Hope this helps, but let me know if you have any questions!

Hi Marie,
Thank you for responding!

Does adding them as a collaborator mean just changing their capabilities from the project share window?

You’re very welcome @Meg_L!

Sorry for the confusion, we’re un the process of updating the name of “Collaborators” to “Collaborators”.

So what I meant is that you need to add your Guests as Collaborators on Conversations/Updates you want to give them access to :slight_smile: