Updating Guests on Progress



Hi Everyone,

We’re dealing with a particular snafu in advance of our go-live date next week that I have talked through with the Asana support team, but have yet to find a solid solution to.

Use Case Part 1
We want clients to have access to view project progress and to get notifications each time we update them via the “Progress” and "calendar views in Asana. In order to do this, it would appear we have to give them access to the entire project since we can not restrict them to JUST the “Progress” tab.

Use Case Part 2
We DO NOT want clients to have access to sensitive comments/conversations that take place within the project on different items (not to mention other data). Some things are better off on a “need to know” basis.

There is the option to copy & paste updates and email to the client, but that is time-consuming and we’re trying to avoid it. There is also the option to utilize the slack integration, but we find that unsatisfactory as well because of how overwhelming and chaotic the conversation can become in a chatbox.

Is there a way to seamlessly update the client with notifications without giving them FULL access to everything happening in our projects? Any advice is hugely appreciated.



Hi @Matt_Tansey,

What did the support team suggest to you and in what way did it not meet your needs?

I suggest that you create an additional Asana project for clients to view. The project can contain all the tasks you’d like to share, but leave out all the restricted tasks that you want to keep confidential. In this case you’ll multi home selected tasks from your restricted project into the new client project, to keep clients informed where required. Whenever you provide an update in the restricted project, you can simply copy/paste the update to the client project and/or modify it as needed.

How does this sound?


Hi @Alexis

Thank you for replying thoroughly. The service team (Brandon & Gearoid) met my needs. They did an excellent job responding thoughtfully to all inquiries.

The solution offered here sounds like more of a workaround and creates a lot of duplicative copy/paste work for our PMs, which is frankly what we were hoping to avoid. We would like to give access to just the progress reports so that our PMs can update once weekly (R/Y/G progress report, remaining tasks, Instagantt snapshot link) and have everything automate from there (via email notification to the client).

The other solution could be to restrict what guests can see on a more granular level when they are added to a project (i.e. they can see tasks, calendars, progress, etc., but not conversations or assignees). That way we could invite them to the entire project, but control what they see.

If these features do not exist, we understand and have been otherwise thrilled with Asana, but would like to put in a feature request. Is there anything in the works to add either of these features?



Hi @Matt_Tansey,

Glad to hear that the support team was able to help you. I hear you on the desire to reduce duplicative work. At this point I think the workaround with an open project and a restricted project is your best bet.

We’re not able to provide specific updates on the product roadmap, but the team at Asana is definitely hearing these requests for more detailed permissions. If you’re interested in submitting feedback that goes directly to the product team, I recommend that you vote for existing threads that resonate with you in the #productfeedback area of the Community, or feel free to start a new feedback thread.



Thank you, for the thoughtful attention to this @Alexis. I will visit #productfeedback.