Upcoming project permissions update

Hello Asana community,

We’re launching a new “Viewer” access level for projects, and with that, we wanted to share an upcoming update to project permissions. But before diving in, let me start by giving you some context.

Currently, members gain access to a project in one of two ways – via direct membership to the project or via direct membership they have to either a team or the organization. Sometimes, this results in members getting conflicting permissions to a specific project; for example, they may get “Commenter” permissions through their project membership, while they’re “Editor” via their team membership.

Currently, Asana always gives members the lowest level of access they are entitled to. With this update, members will automatically granted the highest level of access shared with them. For example, project member is given ‘Commenter’ access individually, and as part of a ‘Design’ team, they have ‘Editor’ access (see image below for visual representation)


Why are you implementing this change?

Goals and portfolios are already operating under this model; we’re bringing it to projects to ensure access control is clear, secure, and consistent across all surfaces.

What actions will super admins and project admins need to take prior to viewer access level rollout?

Super admins are required to review their projects for any conflicting permissions and decide whether to elevate each member to their highest access level or leave the decision up to project admins who will have the ability to either upgrade or downgrade on a project level.

  • Eg: if a user has ‘Commenter’ access in one role and ‘Editor’ access in another, project admins must decide whether to upgrade them to ‘Editor’ or align everyone in the project to ‘Commenter’ access.

Super admins and project admins will have 30 days to make a selection, after which Asana will upgrade users to their level of access if they have multiple access levels (as a result of being added directly to a project and indirectly, such as through a team). Both super admins and project admins will receive a notification by email and in-product informing them when they can facilitate this change.

How will I know which of my projects need to be updated?

Project admins will have a list of projects with mixed permissions and will be able to update their preferences from there:

How can I update permissions of projects impacted?

Project admins will be able to make permission changes by clicking on the banner on the specific project or sharing modal.

What happens if a decision is not made by the end of the 30-day period?

Asana will automatically upgrade all members to their highest level of access in projects with unresolved conflicting permissions.

When can I expect to see these changes happening?

Organizations who do not have conflicting permissions for a same user on a project will gradually see this new update rolling out to their account mid-February. Organisations with outstanding conflicting project permissions, will be gradually migrated in April.

To learn more, we recommend checking this guide article, but don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments if you have any questions or feedback!


@Marie Thanks for this info! The link to the guide article isn’t working for me.


same with me!

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The link isn’t working for me either but really excited to learn more about the viewer access Asana is rolling out! We were just brainstorming as an organization that such a view could be a game changer for us to share some of our project boards with our clients. Thanks Asana!

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Hi all, apologies for the broken guide link. I’ve checked with our team, and the article will be live tomorrow morning. At that point, the link will work!


The link still dosen´t work

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Where do we see the list of projects or teams that have a conflict?

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Sorry about that @Ingrid_Kraappa, let me look into this!

Project Admins can access this list from their Home page.

Hi all, the help article is now available :slight_smile:


I don’t see anything on my Home page yet. If I read the guide article correctly, maybe the earliest this would appear would be tomorrow, 2/27.

@Marie If I don’t see anything between 2/27 and 3/11, should I assume we don’t have any conflicts?

hi @Will_Reade15,

This migration toward new project permissions will happen in waves between now and and April 1st. We’re aiming to have all migration completed by the end of April. Please note these dates might evolve in the future (I will keep you posted here). My advice is to visit your Home every couple of weeks for the next 2 months, just to make sure you don’t miss the prompt, but if you’re aren’t seeing anything in Home by the start of April it probably means you had no conflicting permissions :slight_smile:


@Marie Sounds great. Thanks!

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@Marie I am having an issue with the pop up trying to make me set incorrect access permissions in my projects. The only option it is giving me is change all the commenters to editors, which is definitely not something I want to do. These users are not members of the team this project is filed under, and are all individually added specifically for project visibility, so there should not be any permissions conflict to resolve. I want to make sure the correct commenter level permissions do not automatically change to editor if I do not select and set the only allowed “preference” in this window.

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Hello @Leigh_Flynn

I think this is where the confusion is lying. In your project you must have granted an entire team with a specific set of permission, similarly to the example below where I’ve made everyone in my “:star: Test team” an editor of this project. This doesn’t mean your project members are members of the team where your project lives

So whats happening in your case is that 12 members of your projects were added to this in through two different avenues:

  • As a member of a team (like “:star: Test team” in the example below), which was added to your project

  • As an individual project member

These individual have two different level of permissions (they must be commenter as part of the team, and editor as individual project members), which is why you’re seeing this message.

I doubt you’re seeing this message by mistake, but if you believe so, I’d encourage you to share screenshots of your project permissions with our support team. You can contact them following these steps: How to contact our Support Team ✉

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Thanks Marie! On further investigation, it appears to be happening on all projects set to “Team only” (only a team and invited members can find and access this project), and is flagging all of the individually invited people who are not team members. I’ll contact support.

I need some assistance regarding access permissions for projects advisory. I already reached to support to speak with anyone from the support team for some clarification but haven’t gotten any feedback still.

I’m also bothered that we have a client that is outside of our organization in a particular project and they have given just a commenter access. Now, when you click on the banner with the “View Options” button, there’s only one option because the other option is greyed out for which we cannot choose the first option (Change 2 members from commenter to project admin). Our clients should have commenter access only.


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Hello @Nora_Lunasco, I see our support team has responded to you on Monday and asked you a few follow-up questions :slight_smile:

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