Set Project Access permissions


I do not get the message. I have read the article, but I do not get what and why I need to change.
I want that specific member to only give comments and not being a editor. I want this member to remain a commentor and I do not want that the others change from editor to commentor.

Asana encourages admins to make access permissions more consistent.” It is not about inconsistent. Some members are just an editor and some are a commentor.


Any feedback / advice on this?


Hello @Niels_Oomen, this is likely related to this update: Upcoming project permissions update

What it means is that one of your project member as two different permissions for the same project, they’re a commenter as project member but an editor as part of the team they belong to. Asana is asking you to adjust one of the permissions to avoid a conflict of permissions!

@Marie Thanks for the feedback.

I understand what you are saying, however, it can be that on team level a member is editor and for a specific project of that team is a commentor. A member is not assigned twice to a project.

Second, I do not understand: “Reduce team access editor to commentor”. Is this for the team or for that specific member?

That’s not what it means :slight_smile: Let me try to clarify: for each of your project, you can add a Team as a member of the project and assign the same permission to all members of this Team. This will only be for one project.

For example, I’ve made my test Team a member and an editor of my test project, saving me from adding everyone in the team individually. It does not give my team access to any other project than this one.

Does that makes sense?

This means that all member of the team you added to your project are editor. Asana is asking you if you want to downgrade them to commentor

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