HELP: Made a project a "comment-only" and now can't revert

I am an owner of the Team in Asana.
I made a Projected and made it “Comment-Only”, not knowing that personally I am not able to also make any changes even those I am a project owner.

I see a message: “You can’t manage members because you have comment-only access to this project.”

How I can revert the “comment-only” Project into Editable (I would rather just go individually over each member setting comment-only rights)? I can do anything to this project now - can’t delete/archive it.

Please help!

Hey @Elena_Potoupa oh :frowning: . If nobody at all is in the project with edit only access then I recommend reaching out to Asana Support and they will be able to revert this for you.


@Andrea_Mayer - thanks! I actually did and they manually were able to troubleshoot it :slight_smile:

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