Comment only projects as Admin

I am an Admin., but have come upon some projects that say I am “comment only”. Can I remove this or does the individual project owner have to remove it?

Hello @Maurine_Horne
You can manage the teams through the admin console. There you can update the permissions and even delete a team if needed:

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Thank you, but when I try to edit, it does not give me the option to update anything. I need to be able to make changes and status updates and because I am comment only, I cannot do anything to these projects. Do I need to have the project owner do something on their end?

Hi @Maurine_Horne, great question! Thanks for jumping in here, @Paul_Grobler.

Although you are an Admin, project permissions will apply to you. You will need to reach out to the Project owner to give you edit access.

I hope this helps!

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