Comment only team members

Hi there,

Whilst comment-only projects are amazing, is there any way to add someone to an entire team as comment only?

My case study is:

We are in in-house team and we open up to 50 new projects a month (a project per new label design).

I want to get the Sales Channel heads onto Asana so they can comment on projects, have a good overview etc of both live and archived projects to help us decide priorities as a business. However - they are all technophobes and as Asana is our main database it is terrifying the thought of them being able to accidentally delete tasks etc.

I have each sales channel listed as a team within Asana but that is to allow us proper organisation, billing per team etc. Therefore it would be amazing if we could add these users to their respective team channel as comment only - giving them a true overview with everything nice and safe. Doing this manually would be impossible for all the historical stuff! Plus, it doesn’t allow them a full overview of portfolios as it would be good to add them to all the teams (comment only!) for the full overview.

The only way i can achieve this currently is by exporting to a very large Google Sheet however this isn’t the best experience for them, given the amazing interface of Asana they would like to see it in a much more attractive setting!

Hope this makes sense and really hope you guys can help

Hi @Jenny_Hickman and thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback and use case, really appreciate it :raised_hands:t3:

“Comment only” permissions are currently only available at the project level, so at the moment, you would need to add them manually as Comment only to each project.

@Phil_Seeman, @Bastien_Siebman, is this something that could be achieved via the API by any chance?

No, unfortunately not. The API can read a project’s membership comment-only status but can’t set it:

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